Learn what Samantha’s clients think…

Sam is an amazing teacher who makes you feel welcome to her yoga class and is very down to earth. She is very knowledgeable about yoga and fitness in general, answered any questions I had, but we also had a great laugh too. Don’t hesitate to attend a class with Sam!

- Nikki Bond

Sam has made a huge difference too my life, since starting Pilates with Sam, I have lost a stone in weight. I’m fitter and more flexible than I have been in years. Her back care course myself. I look better and have more self-confidence. People have actually have noticed the change in my shape. I’ve still got a long way to go but will always be thankful that I found Sam to get me off to such a tremendous start.

- Sue Sowden

Sam is helping me to recover my strength and fitness following bowel cancer surgery that resulted in me having a permanent stoma. I also have a parastomal hernia. Sam has been fantastic. She has been very understanding and show great patience with me. She has carefully built up my confidence and been able to help me achieve movements and a level of flexibility that I never thought were possible.   Sam has been an inspiration.  She is very down-to-earth and conscientious.  She has worked hard to ensure that the program of exercises that we do are tailored to my condition and goals. Her knowledge and level of personal experience is incredible.   I feel very fortunate to have been able to benefit from Sam’s thoughtfulness. She has a wonderful personality and skills set. I can I thoroughly recommend Sam, her classes and the individual tailored support that she offers.

- Alan Monaghan.

Sam’s Pilates class is such fun to attend. She is extremely knowledgeable and always offers different levels for each exercise so you can work as hard as your body allows. Sam always demonstrates each exercise and assists everyone individual to ensure they have the correct position. She will happily offer an alternative exercise if needed.  Sam has helped me recover from a nasty whiplash injury and she has helped me strengthen my core to protect my back. The atmosphere is very relaxed with music playing in the background and there is always plenty of laughter. I always leave feeling relaxed, happy and de-stressed.

- Emma Skidmore

Thank you for the extra exercises that you gave me to do at home, it has helped with my left knee and hip (both have osteoarthritis in). I enjoy your Pilate class on a fri morning, as they are a relaxed class, you teach us different level of excises all the time, if we have a injury you always suggest alternative exercise. You are a lovely friendly teacher, who is very knowledgeable in what you do. I have meet a lot of people who have become friends, not just through who is sat next to me, you actually call each other by there names. I have never been to a exercise/Pilates class where you get to meet lots of people, I have been with this class since June 2017, and normally by now I have given up on the class.

- Sarah Hewitt

I regularly attend Sam‘s Sunday Pilates class and have also tried her Yoga and Aqua aerobics class.

She is a very knowledgeable teacher who is very good at judging your abilities and will work with you accordingly. She might push and challenge but never force you, especially if you have any existing health conditions or recover from injury.

Her classes are relaxed and provide a welcoming atmosphere for everyone, no matter your gender, age, or size

- Anja Berndt

Improving fitness and flexibility in a friendly and fun environment is the ethos of Sam’s Pilates classes. She tailors the exercise levels to suit the ability of each participant while challenging them at the same time. Sam designed a bespoke set of exercises for me so I can continue developing my stamina & fitness at home, both of which have greatly improved since I joined her Pilates class!

- Yasmin Wahid

I came to Sam for yoga having suffered with pelvis problems. I was nervous about joining a class, worried I wouldn’t be good enough. Sam put me at ease straight away. She’s great at the moves, great connecting to people, but very modest. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, enabling everyone to relax and enjoy the class. She’s very hands on, ensuring you’re getting the positions right and getting the best out of them. I think Sam should name her own style of yoga because what she offers is far more fun than normal yoga.

- Laura B

I go to Sam’s Pilates, Yoga and Gentle Exercise classes. Sam always welcomes new people to the class and offers different levels of exercise. There is a relaxed atmosphere in her classes but she does check that everyone is doing the exercises correctly. Since doing regular exercise with Sam I have fewer back and knee problems.

- Alison Powlesland

My husband and I started Super Seniors, in Kingwood at the start of May.

We have found it great fun, Sam does different exercises each week, so you never know what she will get you to do. I am in my late sixties and have a lot of health issues including a recent broken shoulder but she understands I can’t always keep up or do some of the exercises and never pushes me.

At the moment my husband is the only man in the class, but doesn’t feel out of place as everyone is friendly, and he really enjoys some of the female banter!

If you are looking for boot camp then this isn’t for you, in fact it is the complete opposite easy going, fun, and we are even allowed to chat why we work!

- Liz and Phil Wade

Sam’s classes are always fun and she has a quirky teaching style which I love. She is always ready to correct our moves and positions and is very ‘hands on’. Just great!

- Sue Grainger

I started going to Sam’s classes whilst waiting to have an operation on my knee (torn meniscus). After just a few months on visiting my consultant, he told me I no longer needed an operation and said whatever I was doing was helping it to heal, on it’s own! Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted, but obviously knew myself that “things had improved” a lot. So, thank you Sam, I just wish I had come to you earlier!

- Judy Bale

Sam was recommended to me because I do a lot of cycling and have a desk job so I constantly had tight hamstrings, hips and lower back. Without meaning to be stereotypical, blokes often do lots of weight training and aerobic exercise but don’t do focus on core stretch and flexibility. Pilates has helped alleviate the problems I was experiencing and comfort on longer rides is now much better. Sam is always very helpful and willing to answer any questions people have, showing a good understanding in the process.

- Tom Jackson

Sam plans her Pilates classes to ensure good health and mobility both are achieved through a variety of exercises with a choice of different levels offered to suit all abilities. Sam’s friendly encouragement and sense of humour gives a social aspect to her classes that I believe is just as important for wellbeing as exercise and movement.

- Gill Pirie

I attend Sam’s Pilates class and absolutely love it. I have seen great benefits and thoroughly enjoy going. She provides lots of different levels for each exercise as is able to work on any areas of weakness you have. After a severe injury, I saw a chiropractor for months but it was only when I had a spots massage from Sam that i saw any improvement. She comes very highly recommended

- Steph Way on Sam’s Pilates class and sports massage

Sam is an inspirational teacher. I have attended both her yoga and Pilates classes. Sam makes her class fun and inclusive of all abilities. Giving demonstrations of all levels of postures. Checking each individual and assisting them to achieve the correct posture. If necessary finding an alternative exercise. I have a knee joint problem, Sam is very knowledgeable about what postures are good for my knee and one to avoid. Sam makes her classes a joy to be in. My stamina and flexibility has improved and i always feel uplifted after one of Sam’s classes

- Julie Bebbington

Sam is the best! Her classes are so relaxed she makes everyone welcome. I just love her yoga and Pilates classes.

- Liz Pasca

I love Sam’s yoga class – she is always positive, never critical, and takes the time to actually go around the class to adjust our positions and make sure we are doing it right! Sam also is good at giving different options depending on ability/injuries so in a mixed ability class everyone can push themselves as far (or not!) as they want to.

- Catherine McCulloch-Down

Sam is a truly wonderful and inspirational teacher. Her classes are fun, Varied and friendly. Sam’s knowledge of exercise routines and what would suit individual participants in her class is outstanding. Sam breaks down the exercise into different levels and participants choose the level that is suitable for them, with Sam giving each participant individual attention to get the best out of the class. I have attended Sam’s classes with some health issues and have been grateful that she has found me alternative ways to do the exercise, so that I will still benefit from it. Her down-to-earth, say-it-as-it-is delivery is unique. I would highly recommend her classes.

- Lynne Davies

I love attending classes with Sam. Her knowledge and expertise is second to none, but it is her friendly manner that keeps me going back. Her relaxed and friendly approach makes her classes the best I’ve attended.

- Stacey Day

If you want to do Pilates without being yelled at, to have a bit of a giggle but also know the instructor knows what she is doing and isn’t going to let you injure yourself, Sam is the girl!

- Nic Barnett

Sam taught my youngest son to swim on a 1:1 basis. She was great fun and pushed him to his limits which he thoroughly enjoyed! His style and confidence improved quickly and they built a great relationship. Sam was honest with me once my son had reached a good level of competency - she didn’t keep taking my money like some teachers do! Highly recommend Sam!

- Rachel Coleman

Sam is a motivational instructor who through a selective and focused training schedule enabled me to run a better time in Bristol 10K, even with a lung condition that would normally keep me out of the gym. I would gladly give positive feedback for her and encourage anyone to ask for her help.

- Darren Britton

Sam’s Yoga is an amazing class especially for beginners and the unfit! You’re made to feel welcome and important. You get tons of encouragement and support. After 30 odd years I can touch my toes!!! I love Sam’s class.

- Sarah Hammett

Gone are the days where exercise was boring. Sam makes it a joy to work through a regular routine and makes it easy to stay motivated. It’s hard work made fun and I’m really pleased with the results she has helped me to produce.

- Josh Rendell

Very professional sports based massage. It works for stiff or tight muscles and helps to unwind. I enjoy that Sam explains what she is doing as she does the massage. It also helps to know how to avoid tighter muscles and processes that happen in the body and the muscles on a daily basis when you are doing certain exercises. I love the option of different oils and treatments to help relaxation.

- Lucy Deas

It’s an enjoyable class with plenty of banter, don’t get me wrong it’s hard work and you certainly work up a sweat. The rotation of equipment every week means you get plenty of variety which is good. Sam is a great instructor making sure everybody is able to participate what ever there level of fitness.

- Douglas Bartley on Samantha’s Body Conditioning class

Sam has been helping me with my fitness for over a year now. I am a 57 year old woman, and I have not done any sports or fitness activity since I was 16. I had never set foot inside a gym. Due to a problem with my vision I was becoming less and less active and moving more slowly. I was beginning to feel very lethargic. I told Sam how I was feeling and she put me at ease straight away. We discussed my options and she came up with a programme. Once we started I did not feel under any pressure to “perform”, and I did not feel that she was judging what I could or couldn’t do. She has let me take things at my own pace. I don’t regret one moment that I have spent exercising. I feel a lot more toned and am definitely feeling the benefit of my sessions with Sam. I have no hesitation in recommending Sam as a guide to getting and keeping fit.

- Josie Isle

I have always enjoyed Sam’s tummy session, they have been fun, informative and friendly.

- Hannah Brewer

Samantha is a very conscientious trainer always ready to meet the needs of her clients. She is happy to answer questions, great at writing programs and willing to help the client meet their goals. She appears to know her job really well. Samantha is easy to approach and has a friendly personality and I would thoroughly recommend her as a trainer.

- Jacqui Cook

I started training with Sam 9 months ago, my aim was to lose weight and improve my aerobic fitness. Working with Sam has kept my programme challenging, interesting and achievable. Sam is always ready to listen to my requirements and her encouragement helps me to keep on track. To date I have exceed my target weight loss, as well as the added benefits of lowering both my blood pressure and cholesterol. I look forward to continuing to work with Sam, who I am confident, will support me in achieving my future goals.

- June Rogers

I would recommend Sam to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer. Over the last two and a half years she has helped me to achieve my goals, both inch loss and weight loss. Her balance of professionalism and friendly support has maintained my commitment to improve my overall fitness

- Sharon Ranahan

Sam has been undertaking one on one swimming lessons with me for over six months now. She gives me the confidence to do things that I have never done before, jumping in the deep end and putting my head under water. She is professional and while she is determined to help me achieve a better swimming technique she also makes it fun and very enjoyable.

- Denene Burton

Sam is a very good all round leader of her fitness classes. This involves ensuring we all enjoy the fun in the exercises and at the same time looking after the class. Everyone is encouraged to be part of the group but looked upon as an individual

- Janet Worlock

The super senior/gentle exercise class is very good. I enjoy the variety spending time on each exercise and find it beneficial. It is very friendly especially if you are new to exercising

- Judith Taylor

I enjoyed my first class. Excellent supervision an explanation of various levels of exercises within my capability. Sam is quick to observe any problems and gives lots of encouragement. A very friendly atmosphere

- Kathrine Dunn

Since joining Sam’s classes I have noticed a big improvement in my breathing and well being. Also a steady weigh reduction which I am pleased about

- Ray Griffin

Sam is a very encouraging instructor, good fun but professional. The classes are always enjoyable and a good workout

- Chris Taylor

Sam is caring, encouraging and aware without being sickly sweet about it. Provides different levels of activity without others knowing where you are

- Nola Lowe